Sunday, March 21, 2010

Community Based Art-Curriculum

When I saw the subject and title of this blog/chapter before reading it, I got really excited. I love involving the community in the classroom. After reading, I realize this community took it to a whole new level by creating their own curriculum. I don't know if I am fully on board, honestly in part because of the work it took to put in place and to see how time could change it as people came and left. (time preparing/implementing=con) However, I did really enjoy the four points the book included as the four major pros: maximizing local resources, developing pride in local community's heritage, creating support for art education, and connecting art with the local culture. Those are huge pros to me, but I feel as though my goals as an art educator involve them within the curriculum I teach. I don't know if developing an entirely new/separate system is necessarily most effective or time efficient. Interesting reading nonetheless...


  1. I agree that having an entire system based around community based art can be a little much. I think it is good to be incorporated, but should not engulf an entire curriculum.

  2. I also feel that these are not mutually exclusive styles of programs. I feel like what we are learning in class is exactly a hybrid of taking national standards and curriculum to use what we need and bringing in the best of what the community has to offer.