Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 4: scoping an audience lesson plan

Of the various scenarios and concepts present in the scoping the audience section of In the Making,1.h "Relating to the Audience: Indignation"stands out as the activity I have chosen. It discusses leaving behind art making that is strictly comforting and pleasant to look at and rather to delve into issues and topics that are unsettling or downright outrageous. I would encourage my students to look into current events; through magazines, newspapers etc. and find a story that evokes a strong emotion to them. Once they have considered, and written down how the story makes them feel, they would make a work of art that reflects those feelings in tandem with the issue that "warants inciting indignation". At this point, I believe it would be interesting to have them create mixed media collage that could incorporate images or text from new sources as well as their own personal drawing and color theory in the form or paint or print or however they feel they can best evoke the feelings of indignation.


  1. This will work great with kids. They are so into indignation. You can have them work up a list to work from. Also the collage idea is wonderful too.
    nice job

  2. This was an idea that really interested me, but I do feel it could have numerous pitfalls depending on the subjects chosen. I am not one to shy away from potentially controversial subject matter, but I was wondering how you would deal with some of these issues before they became problematic?

  3. Subject matter can be a tricky tightrope to walk. In all honesty I won't know for sure until they bring it up in class, but there are a few ways I had thought to avoid some issues. First, I could provide them with the news they are exposed to (ie: only a certain magazine or newspaper, or only a specific new station). Though that is censorship, there is plenty of news out there to discover, and a little guidance might not be all bad. Second, to head off problems, I'd be having the students write about how they feel about this news and try to talk to each of them before they share with the class in case there are any issues that may involve other students in the room and ask them to think about how they are going to affect others when they view the art. Any ideas from anyone else?